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Manado city is the provincial capital of North Sulawesi. Exploration of the Minahasa attractions starts from here, because Manado City itself had being central business in North Sulawesi. You will find a lot of hotels, resorts and shopping centre in Manado. There is a wide range of restaurants and foods to choose, those are mostly served hot and spicy Minahasa cuisine. Besides the taste, those restaurants have beautiful view to seen while enjoying the foods. Mostly the hotels and restaurants located near to the sea along the boulevard road.


A journey through the Minahasa Highlands start from Manado to see the intriguing prehistoric above-ground burial sites, volcanoes, hot springs, old temple, chapel on the hill, traditional house of Minahasa, Tondano Lake and Linow Lake, rows of coconut trees, orchid gardens and terraced hillsides. Also be sure to visit the Dua Saudara Nature Reserve - Tangkoko, home to birds and other wildlife unique to Sulawesi, such as the Tarsius Spectrum "Trasier" - the smallest primate, cus cus, Hornbill etc.


Near to Manado there are plenty of dive spots located in the famous "Bunaken Marine Park". Every year a lot of divers and snorkelers visit Manado to enjoying the scuba activities here. Diving in Bunaken and the Lembeh Strait is the favorite activities of most visitors. Manado city also faces the volcanic islands of Bunaken, Manado Tua and Siladen. Every day vistiors can enjoy beautiful sunset with beautiful background of the sea and Manado Tua.


Interesting Places and Activities in Manado



Near to Manado City, Bunaken National Marine Park is characterised by clear waters, beaches, colorful flat reefs and dramatic drop-offs "wall reefs". Bunaken has some of the highest levels of marine biodiversity in the world and it is one of Indonesia's most famous diving and snorkeling areas. In addition to banana-shaped Bunaken Island itself, the 890 km2 of marine national park includes the neighboring islands of Manado Tua (a distinctive cone-shaped extinct volcano), Siladen Island, Mantehage, Nain, and Nain Kecil.


The best time to enjoy the beauty of this island is between May - August. In this month of the year, nature is very friendly, sunny and no flow. Meanwhile, in December and January are the sea tide and the beach is very dirty. You can enjoy the beauty of the sea park either by diving or snorkeling.


Lembeh strait is one of the most interesting marine habitats. A real macro paradise and a great place to do scuba diving! There are over 30 dive sites around the Lembeh strait, most of them are either sandy areas or small reefs. Don't expect spectacular walls or huge reefs, here you are doing so called muck diving - searching for the rare and the special. But it's also a good place to see other shy critters such as the mimic octopus, the flamboyant cuttlefish, harlequin shrimps, wonderpus, skeleton shrimps and many nudibranchs.


The fish at this place are also a collection of weirdoes: Ambon scorpionfish (Pteroidichthys amboinensis), stonefish, sea robins, stargazers, devil fish and even the weedy scorpionfish (Rhinopias frondosa). There are also beautiful seahorses, pegasus, ghost pipefish and the endemic cardinalfish. It can be reached by car from manado to Bitung Harbour in around 45 minutes till 1 hour trip and continue by ship to the Lembeh Straits in 15-25 minutes.


The Ban Hin Kiong Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Panjaitan Road, central of Chinese population in downtown Manado. This temple is the oldest temple in Eastern Indonesia. An attractive annual festival "The Toa Peh Kong" is celebrated around this temple. During this festival, a few interesting attractions could be seen are the Locia Horse Parade, the cars decorated with unique ornaments and colourful flowers, and some people dressed in traditional Chinese costumes.


The Lake Linow is a nice and beautiful interesting place. The Lake waters can change the colors! It sometimes look blue, sometimes green, and sometimes red. The lakeside is a lovely place to relax while enjoying local snacks, banana fried "pisang goreng" and tea or coffee.


The Tangkoko Nature Reserve is one of interesting location that located on the slopes of Mount Dua Saudara. It can be reached in 1 hours away from Manado. This ancient rainforest is packed with striking fauna and flora and the view of lush green hills and valleys make up the landscape of the nature reserve offer some exceptionally awesome views. Some of interesting fauna found here include anoa, black apes, cuscus, hornbill, maleo, pig deer, tarsier "smallest primate in the world", and many more.

» TOMOHON (The City of Flower)

The town of Tomohon is situated in highland about 24 km or around 45 minutes from Manado. It is located between Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu, and has a very cool temperature. It is a great place to cool off after the warm air of Manado. The land surrounding the village is flower bedecked.


Lake Tondano is a famous tourist destination in the province of North Sulawesi. It is located 600 meters above sea level and covers an area of 4,278 hectares (or about 10,571 acres). This lake is situated by the village of Remboken, some 3 kilometers from Tomohon city or some 30 km from Manado.


Waterfall Tunan is the one of the beautiful nature spots located in Talawaan Village – North Minahasa. It takes ± 30 minutes by car and ± 15-20 minutes walking to the waterfalls. The Tunan Waterfall is 86 meters high and is surrounded by a natural forest. On your way to the destination, you will see a stretch of coconut trees. Fresh air and lush green paddies will refresh your mind and make you feel grateful as well when you see the waterfall.


This temple is very unique because of the many sculptures - statues contained herein, there are various kinds of monk statues, dragon statues and a large statue of a giant turtle. The most interesting thing here is that a large Pagoda Tower. You can take pictures freely and not to pass these attractions.


Alamanda Chapel is one of the interesting places that you should come and see. It also known as Chapel Mother of Mary. It's located on the highland of Tomohon. Every year, the Catholics come to this place to pray. The place is very nice and quiet. perfect for peaceful retreats. You may see the beautiful Chapel with the Lokon Mountain as the background.


The Hill of Love, or "Bukit Kasih" as it is known in the local language, is one of the nature hills located in the village of Kanonang in Kawangkoan, about 55 kilometers from Manado, North Sulawesi. It was built in 2002 as a spiritual center in which people from all religions in Indonesia can gather, meditate and worship together. A Catholic Church, a Christian church, temples, mosques and Hindu temples are built on top of the second peak, overlooking lush tropical hills and mountain mist.


An adventure activity that also a must to do during a stay at Tomohon City is trekking to the craters of Mount Mahawu. The best time to started the activity is early in the morning or in the afternoon. The view from the top and a view of the steaming crater lakes are very awesome.


The origin Woloan Village is a place called "Katingolan". Katingolan settlement founded by Tonaas Kaawoan from Old Kinilow (Mayesu) to the west is in Tombariri (derived from a type of grass Wariri(strongly berth of animals such as horses / cattle). In 1651 came the destruction in Tanawangko by the Spanish army, resulting Kaawoan and his desperate run and stopped at a place called Katingolan and established settlements there under a tree called Wolo, hereinafter referred Woloan.

» WARUGA (Stone Graves)

Located about 24 km from Manado, the Sawangan village near Airmadidi houses 144 beautiful and fascinating stone graves or sarcophagi of Minahasan ancestors. The graves date back to the Megalithic Age. The local guide at the small museum there will inform you about what was found in the tombs.


White water rafting is one of the most spectacular and exciting adventure sports in North Sulawesi. The journey along the river takes about 90 minutes and will leave you wanting more.


The Novotel Grand Kawanua Golf Resort can be seen on the road to the Sam Ratulangi International Airport. It located near to the Sam Ratulangi International Airport, which is about 20 minutes from downtown Manado. It is spread over an area of 1,800 square metres and has a great view of Klabat Mountain. To reach the golf course from Manado, take a public transportation called "Microlet" to the Paal Dua terminal and cover the remaining distance by the Perum or the Lapangan "Microlet".


Those interested in art, history and culture must visit the Provincial Museum. It is a place of interest for students as well. The museum houses historical, cultural and other artefacts from several Indonesian ethnic groups. It also displays artefacts from the Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese and Swedish cultures.


The Japanese caves are located between the two charming countryside villages of Kawangkoan and Kiawa. The caves were mostly used to store supplies during the war. It is built during World War II by the Japanese.

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