Transportation in Manado

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There are many ways to arrive at Manado. By land, sea, and air, Manado City is very easy to reach.

There are many airlines fly into and out of Manado; domestic and international flights, many times everyday and seven days of the week; the big sized ship, sail from Port of Bitung (within ± 55km from the City of Manado) and the small sized ship from Port of Manado. The most popular mode of transport in Manado is the microlet, which is the blue mini bus. The seats in the microlets here face forward, unlikein the mini buses in other parts of Indonesia.

Our “Manado Transportation Guide” will tell you about travelling in and around Manado.





By Air

Sam Ratulangi International Airport Manado.

There are many domestic and international flight to connecting Manado and the other big cities in Indonesia and other countries. Sam Ratulangi International Airport provided Visa on Arrival (VoA) facility. For passenger service (Airport Tax) will be charged at the airport Rp.40.000,- for domestic flight and Rp.100.000,- for international flight. Domestic flights connects Manado to many big cities in Indonesia and International flights Manado to Singapore in 4 times in a week.


For the detail of flight schedule, please check the websites of each flights and their office in Manado :

Garuda Indonesia

Jl.Samratulangi Manado

Tel: 0431-877737

Lion Air / Wings Air

Jl. Piere Tendean at Marina Plaza

Tel: 0431-847000

Air Asia


Merpati Airlines

Jl. Martadinata

Tel: 0431-842000

Sriwijaya Air

Jl. Piere Tendean at Bahu Mall

Tel: 0431-837688

Silk Air

Jl. Sarapung

Tel: 0431-863744

By Land

Long distance buses and local minibus operates in three terminals that are run in reasonably orderly fashion. Malalayang terminal is located in the southern part of Manado and is also an inter-provinsial terminal, operates to go to Central Sulawesi (Poso & Luwuk) and Gorontalo Province by inter-provinsial buses. Paal 2 Terminal is located in the eastern of Manado, a transit terminal from city centre of Manado to get to northern part of Manado. Local minibus from city centre of Manado stopped here and passenger should stop here and the passengers had to take another minibus or buses from Paal 2 to northern part of Manado (Sam Ratulangi Airport, Bitung City, Airmadidi, Kairagi and other purpose in northern part of Manado). Routes of Karombasan Terminal : Tomohon, Tondano, Tombatu and another part of Minahasa Area.


By Sea

Port of Manado

Port of Manado usually served by smaller ships. This is because the location is quite shallow waters and location adjacent to the protected Bunaken Marine Park.

The ships were anchored in the port of Manado is ships with the aim of islands that are still within the scope of the North Sulawesi include Kab. Sitaro Islands, Sangihe, Talaud, and there are also ships with the aim of Ternate, Mangole, Sanana and Tobelo.

For large ships owned by PT. PELNI docked at the Port of Bitung.



Port of Bitung

Port of Bitung consist of the passenger port and container port. PT. PELNI using the Port of Bitung because it has deep water. Ships of the PT. PELNI docked at the Port of Bitung 1 or 2 times a week. Routes of The Lambelu ship to Ambon and Ternate, Kelimutu to Fak Fak and Sorong, Tilongkabila to Luwuk and other places in the South and East Coast, Umsisni to Pantoloan and Balikpapan.

Bitung harbor is the only port in North Sulawesi visited by passenger vessels between cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Ambon, and other major cities.



The most popular mode of transport in Manado is the microlet, which is the blue mini bus. The seats in the microlets here face forward, unlike in the mini buses in other parts of Indonesia (as described above), with a capacity of 8-9 people.Sound System in the microlet, made as attractive as possible to come with an LCD TV. This is done to attract more students and young passengers.

Manado also has a Public Bus Transport in a city like Jakarta, called Trans Kawanua, but unfortunately have not been covering the routes of minibus/microlet. Taxis are also available in the city of Manado. Celebrity Taxi, Trust Taxi, Kokapura Taxi and Blue Bird are using metered system and there are several taxi using the negotiation system.


Rental Car is very easily available in the city of Manado. A convenient place to hire a car at the airport is Sam Ratulangi Manado. Car rental companies open rental car counters are very easily found outside the Arrivals.


Motorcycle taxi (Ojek) is also a popular and cheap way to travel in Manado. Ojek rates are not fixed. Regarding the price should be negotiated and agreed in advance, then the driver will deliver passengers to the desired destination. For close range (± 1km) costs about Rp.3.000, -


For going to Bunaken, you can rent a boat with capacity 15 peoples and a speed boat with capacity max. 4-5 peoples.


Private Car Rental / Bus

Mapanget Transport Division

Jl. A.A Maramis No. 5

Tel: +62 431 811119 - Fax: +62 431 811341

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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